How to Make Order from Chaos

In planning, I feel safe. Lists and calendars bring a sense of ease. Yet the beginning of each week makes me tense up. The days stretch on and who knows what each holds? The week starts with a jolt, I barely know where or how to begin.

I do what I can with what I’ve been given and the rest I leave to Him. All things came into being through him, so that I must trust. I must trust that from the dark and nebulous something will be brought forth just as it happened way, way back. In Him and through Him came all life. This is where you start.


Logos, judgment, reason, wisdom. Word

In the beginning God’s word called life into being and His wisdom brought order and meaning to what was otherwise nothing.


His word still calls us into life, His wisdom empowers us to live.

Spirit calls to spirit, life to life. The deep reverberation of faith.



So this is how you start to set it to right. Because to be human is to be a little lower than God. It is our glory and honour. When we live as the fullest expression of our humanity, we are therefore living as a part of who and what God is. You can only get a grip on it all when you remember who you are and to whom you belong.


And then you trust. Because the light shines in the darkness and it has not yet been overcome.



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